Symptoms and Coping Methods

About Depression

A really really good description on what happens as you become depressed.
Why the language we use makes things worse. Also, why not to try to cheer us up.
Mood Swings slowly creep up over the years. Signs that suggest that maybe you should get help. Parents should read this too.
It's really about Productivity and General Anxiety, not about self worth or specific problems.
Recognising the signs that you are sliding into a Depression Episode.
Things to do if you are Depressed. Ways to think to make the black moods / lack of self worth less bad.
Depression causes Stress. All this time, we've been getting it back to front.

Monitoring Yourself and Mood Charts

Monitoring yourself constantly and recognising when you are exhibiting Manic or Depressive signs allows you to take action to counteract the mood swings instead of being swept up by them.

After a Depression Episode

Once the depression episode finishes, the work begins. It takes a good while to settle back into day to day life.

Monitoring Yourself

Coping Mechanisms

Holidays - the Horror

Dealing with People / And Them You

What to Look Out For

How to Think about Depression

Antidepressant Meds